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Takes a set of TypeScript projects and creates a JSON file designed to be the source of an API docs site. The output file is in JSON API format.

The exact format is described by a TypeScript interface.

TypeDoc is used under the hood. It's a better tool if you want a complete, out-of-the-box API docs solution.


npm install -g json-typescript-docs

Step 1: Generate a config file

See config schema.

  "manifest" : {
    "title": "My docs site",
    "intro": "Everything is awesome"
  "projects": [
      "src": "path/to/some/project/tsconfig.json"
  "output": "out.json"

Note that the src can either be the path to the tsconfig.json or the root path of the TypeScript sources (not necessarily the project root folder).

Step 2: Run transform

jtd my-config.json