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JSON Data Ninja

The most productive way to visualize and explore tabular JSON data

Beautiful & Powerful Explorer

The most productive way to visualize and explore tabular JSON data

Beautiful Table View

See the JSON clearly

  • The ninja will slice and dice the JSON to generate the most beautiful rendition. Sort JSON by any column to help look for specific rows. Hide JSON columns to keep the view clean. Need them back, no problem, its just a click away.

Jump to where you need to be

  • Click or type, it's up to you. JSON Arrays and objects are clickable in the table so you can quickly drill down. Breadcrumbs are clickable so you can quickly go back. If you're like the ninja you'll use the keyboard to type a JSON path to teleport anywhere quickly.
Big Data, Blazing Speed

Open your largest JSON files

  • The ninja can haul in your biggest JSON files at ninja speed so you can analyze your largest database tables. Opening 100MB JSON files in a few seconds, your browser never lags. Sorting, teleporting, showing / hiding columns all remain lightning fast even with your largest JSON data sets.
Safety First

Your data is for your eyes only

  • None of your JSON files are ever transmitted over the network. All your content stays private and on your machine. Don't believe us? Disconnect from the internet before you open a JSON file.
Phones, Tablets, Desktops

Work with JSON wherever

  • The ninja supports the latest version of all major browsers and is designed for a great experience on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.
Cloud Friendly

Partners with the majors

  • Of course you can open any JSON file from your desktop. On your mobile, open your browser and select any JSON file from any cloud storage provider, such as Google Drive, Dropbox & Box.


npm i json-data-ninja

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