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Hello! It's Super Puper NPM Package! Here you can use 2 functions to make your Arrays and Strings awesome!

  1. awesomeString(string, option)

string [string] - your string to make awesome option string - awesome option 'smart-upper' : Make every first letter in word awesome 'lower' : Make every letter in word some awesomeness

  1. awesomeArray(array, option)

array [array] - your array to make awesome option [object] { super[default: true] awesome[default: true] superPuper[default: true] }

Examples usage: const superPuper = require('jsmp-infra-super-puper-npm-package')

superPuper.awesomeString('Test long string', 'smart-upper') => 'Awesome smart-upper string: Test Long String!'

superPuper.awesomeArray(['my','test','array']) => 'Here your super, awesome, superPuper array: [my,test,array]' superPuper.awesomeArray(['my','test','array'], {super: false, awesome: false}) => 'Here your superPuper array: [my,test,array]', 'should convert array to awesome string');