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Javascript Mock Tool of RSpec Style

What is the jsmocktools?

jsmocktool is a JavaScript mock framework inspired by RSpec. Consequently, API is very similar to RSpec Mock. If you are rubyist, easy to use it.


jsmocktool supports browers and node.js. Browser compatibility is IE9+, chrome(newest), safari(newest), opera(newest), firefox(newest) and Node.js 0.10+.

npm install jsmocktool --save-dev
bower install jsmocktool --save-dev

or You can build using grunt.

git clone
cd jsmocktool
npm install

How to use it?

jsmocktool support es6 and global. If you use that mock is expose to global.

// ES6 Style
<script type="text/javascript">
import {mock} from 'jsmocktool/dist/jsmocktool';
// insert script
<script type="text/javascript" src="node_modules/jsmocktool/dist/"></script>


API is very simple.

  • create mock object or set mock object.
  • should_receive : create method.
  • with_param : set parameters of should_receive.
  • and_return : return something when should_receive called.
  • and_function : called function when should_receive called.
  • and_throw : throw exception when should_receive called.
  • mock.OBJECT : object type of mock.(default)
  • mock.INSTANCE : instance type of mock.
  • mock.anything() : spacial parameter in with_param.
  • Deprecated Object. If you use it you have to migrate to mock.

The MIT License