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a social CMS. (the project is work in progress, keep in touch)


jslardo is a sort of a social cms. users will be able to register to the application, define their own models for data, and create/generate their own controllers and views to represent the data. code is in early stage, a few functionalities are implemented yet. come back in a few months!

jslardo starts as a node.js express application, backed up by mongodb with mongoose. as a template engine jslardo uses jade.

  • internationalization:
    • via i18n
  • pagination:
    • defined as a middleware in express
  • users management:
    • users can register, and modify their profile

see the wiki page for some more info. but, if you have node and npm already working, installing jslardo is as easy as

npm install jslardo

Copyright (C) 2011 Federico Carrara (

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