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jsical - Javascript parser for rfc5545

Build Status

This is a library to parse the ICAL format defined in rfc5545. While it may be usable for basic tasks, it is still very much in development. There are a lot of TODOs in this library. If you would like to help out and would like to discuss any API changes, please contact me.

The inital goal was to use this as a replacement for libical in the Mozilla Calendar Project, but the library has been written with the web in mind. This library should one day be called ical.js and allow all sorts of cool experiments with calendar data and the web. I am also aiming for a caldav.js when this is done. Most algorithms here were taken from libical. If you are bugfixing this library, please check if the fix can be upstreamed to libical.


There is a validator that demonstrates how to use the library in a webpage in the sandbox/ subdirectory.

Try the validator online, it always uses the latest copy of ical.js.


Run: npm install .

The browser build is always found under build/ical.js.


You need nodejs/nodejs to install the testing tools.

in node js

  1. make test-node

in the browser

  1. Run make test-server Go to http://localhost:8789/test-agent/index.html Run all tests with make test-browser


Until a full reference documentation is available, please see the wiki for a few examples.