JavaScript Integration System.

#JSI Introduction a simple module loader , you can use npm installed modules in web browser such as it work in nodejs!


  • pure nodejs style syntax.
    • without browser script wrapper.
    • npm module support automatic.
  • CommonJS1.0 compatible JavaScript loader [ require.js]
    • Rewriting of the original JSI2 boot.js.
    • give up the original specification.


npm install jsi


  • start test server:

     node -e "require('jsi')";
  • html example:

     <title>Hello jQuery</title> 
     <script src="../scripts/boot.js" type="text/javascript">
     <script type="text/javascript"> 
         alert("Hello World!"); 
  • command line

      $ cd ./scripts/
      $ jsi example                                   --deplay hello world example
      $ jsi install jquery                            --install a package from npm
      $ jsi install ./workspace/xmldom                --install a package from local filesystem
      $ jsi export -o exported.js xmldom jquery       --export package: xmldom and jquery as a single script can work on the browser.
      $ jsi browserify -o exported.js xmldom lite     --alias command of export