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JQuery CSS selectors to grep HTML documents

This is a tool for performing jQuery CSS selection from the command line. It outputs elements or attributes to the command line letting you use the rest of the command line tools to do sexy things with HTML content. I wrote this mainly to solve a small problem I had but also as an excuse to use node.js

Usage: node src/jsgrep.js [options]
Show this help message
Also print subelements (with tags unless --no-tags is set)
	-r, --recursive
Only print text nodes, do not print tags
	-nt, --no-tags
Extract and print attribute per element matching (with source tags unless --no-tags is set)
	-a, --attribute <value>
The CSS selector to use 
	-s, --selector <value>
HTML URL or Filename
	-i, --input <value>

You can use npm to install jsgrep like this: npm install jsgrep or you can clone this and have a go yourself.

curl -s | jsgrep -s "a[href*=geo]" -nt
46° 4' 10.61" N, 11° 9' 23.28" E
curl -s | jsgrep -s img -a src -nt | sort | uniq

Get all the top level section names of a wikipedia article

curl -s | jsgrep -s ".toclevel-1>a>.toctext" -nt -r  | sed 's/ /_/g'