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    jsformat CLI


    A node CLI to do bulk formatting of JavaScript files. Original purpose is to give a location, dir or path, for script files and then give a list of things to sort by.

    How to install it

    npm install git://


    npm install jsformat

    How to run

    1. change directory to a location you would like the generated file to be stored
    2. type jsformat with either a -dir <directory> or a -path <file> switch.
    3. the interface will ask you what to sort by.
    4. use one sort criteria per line, ex. to sort all variables to the top use 'var'.
    5. submitting a blank line will start the processing.
    note: when using directory it will recursively search through all folders.

    Acceptable commands

    • -dir <directory>
    • -path <path>
    • -sortdef <json formatted array of sort criteria>

    Known Issues

    1. Nothing has been implimented to support anything other than JavaScript.
    2. Your JavaScript file has must be formatted in a traditional way before hand.
    3. Nested blocks are may not protected. ^example:
    var aaa = 'aaa';
    function xyz(){
      var bbb = 'bbb';

    now if you apply a sort on the script above with only var you might pull out the var the in the function. More testing is needed to confirm. WORKAROUND: sort by var first and then by function.


    1. For dir transformations look for file type, if specified.
    2. Accept an output directory for transformed files.
    3. Have the option to overwrite files in place.

    Real life example output

    This is an example used with jQuery to maintain a specific format across all files.
    >jsformat -path ./test.js
    User Args:
    [ '-path', './test.js' ]
    File Names: [ './test.js' ]
    please enter, in order, your sort criteria.
    1: var
    2: $(document)
    3: $('.
    4: $(".
    5: $('#
    6: $("#
    7: $(
    8: function
    The file was saved to .\testFiles


    npm i jsformat

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