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A graphical toolkit on JSDX framework. It aims to provide a node.js module for 3D user interface development.


  • With Steps, you can get git version of JSDX toolkit:

    1. Download source code from github

       git clone tps://
    2. Change directory into folder

       cd jsdx-toolkit
    3. Configure and compile it

       node-waf configure build
  • The other way, you can install via NPM as well:

      npm install jsdx-toolkit

Getting Started

It's the simple way to write a new application in Node.js:

var toolkit = require('jsdx-toolkit');

/* Create a new application */
var app = new toolkit.Application('JSDX Application');

/* Create a new window */
app.createWindow(function(window) {

  /* Quit current application when this window is destroyed */
  window.on(toolkit.EVENT_DESTROY, function() {

  window.title = 'Application Window';
  window.hasToolbar = true;;


Licensed under the MIT License


Copyright(c) 2012 Fred Chien <>


Copyright(c) 2012 Mandice Company. (