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Adds JSDoc support to brunch.

Read more about JSDoc at the JSDoc homepage

Why this package

The JSDoc package is already simple to use, and you can easily implement it in your own automated build config script files. However, I wanted an even more simple and automated workflow for it, so I made a brunch-plugin to do the work for me. And now, you can too ^_^


run npm install --save jsdoc-brunch

Brunch config

(All config optional, so you can skip this if you want to)

Inside the Brunch config file config.js add these parameters under the plugins object as shown here:

plugins: {
    jsdoc: {
        input: "app/anySubDir", /* optional, default 'app' */
        destination: 'public/dir/to/docs', /* optional, default 'public/jsdocs' */
        recursive: false /* optional, default true */
        enabled: false /* optional, default true */

The input specifies the location of the JS files to go through. (Default: "app")

The destination specifies the location you want the docs to end up. (Default: "public/jsdocs")

The recursive specifies if it should recursively scan the input folder. (Default: true)

The enabled allows you to disable jsdoc during testing, by setting this to false. (Default: true)

Then what?

Now, when Brunch compiles your code, it also tells JSDoc to search your specified input folder, and parse the js-files. It outputs it's files to the specified destination folder.

By defeault, the output is in the public folder, so if you are running the Brunch server, you can view the docs locally. As of 0.1.0, It even works with the built-in auto reload feature in Brunch ^^


This plugin is really just a very simple wrapper for the already simple JSDocs npm package.

Here are some stuff that you can do, if you know how :)

  • Add support for configuring the jsdocs compiler (http://usejsdoc.org/about-configuring-jsdoc.html)
  • Make it more stable. I have not accounted for all things that might go wrong, such as bad config.




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