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adopted and mangled from

The standard dice rolling format for tabletop games is [times]d[sides]. Typical dice strings could add/subtract formats and static numbers together.

jsDice is a small library for parsing dice formula strings as well as rolling the dice.

Basic Usage

var Dice = require('jsdice');
var dieroll = new Dice('4d6 + d20 - 3');
var results = dieroll.roll();
// 24
// [ 2, 5, 4, 5, 11, -3 ]


This adaptation of jsDice is written for Node.js, and may be used browser-side with browserify.

npm install jsdice

Stats Template Usage

When initializing the dice, you can pass a stats object as a second argument to be using in the formula.

var stats = {dex: 12, str: 4, int: 19, agility: 9};
diceroll = new Dice('d10 + {str}', stats);
//{ results: [ 3, 4 ], total: 7 }