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JS cyclomatic complexity report generator.

Command-line tool and module that generates a report of Javascript files complexity. It is based on escomplex module's results.

In 'html' mode, command-line tool will create an .html file report containing graphical representation of files complexity and lines of code count.

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npm install -g jscomplexity

Module usage

var jscomplexity = require('jscomplexity');
// jscomplexity() returns a promise (using bluebird) 
jscomplexity('/glob/pattern/to/js/*' [, globOptions]).then(console.log);
// you can also use CPS style 
jscomplexity('/glob/pattern/to/js/*', {}, function(err, result){
  if(err) {
    return console.log(err);

Command-line usage

Usage: jscomplexity [options]
    -h, --help                 output usage information
    -V, --version              output the version number
    -p, --pattern <pattern>    glob pattern - default is current directory
    -o, --output <filename>    (optional) customize html report filename - default is 'jscomplexity-report.html'
    -r, --reporter <reporter>  (optional) specify a reporter: 'terminal', 'html' or 'all' - default is 'terminal'

⚠️ Linux/OSX compliant only (I haven't tested it on Windows).

CLI Example : jscomplexity -p '{src/*.js,src/**/*.js,!src/config/**}'

Sample outputs (gremlins.js)


alt tag

HTML report

alt tag

Grunt task

See grunt-jscomplexity-threshold module.