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    Mixin JavaScript ES6 based classes made easy & simple.

    What Make "jsclass-mixin" Unique

    Among other mixin libraries, jsclass-mixin focuses on sticking to ES6 class defining style, thous archiving high level code readability. Code says more than thousand words.

      class Base{
        constructor(a, b){};
      class MixA{
        constructor(a, b){};
          console.log("I am MixA");
      class MixB{
        constructor(c, d){}};
      class MixinSample extends mix(Base, MixA, MixB){
        constructor(a, b, c, d){
          //calling Base constructor
          super(a, b);
          //calling Mixin classes' constructor
, b);
, d);

    How to Use

    Just extend your class using mix function.

    Some Notes

    Method "new()" is Attached Automatically

    To archive high level code readability, jsclass-mixin offers a constructor alternative. So developers are able to control mixin classes initialization sequence, and confirm it at a glance within his/her class constructor. The constructor alternative method, "new()" is attached as a static method of mixin classes. Developer can pass a set of arguments as s/he defined in the original constructor to initialize the class as it was originally designed.

    Function Ready

    "jsclass-mixin" mixies not only properties, but also functions from mixin classes.

    No Limitation and Assumption

    Developer can use any class as mixin class. Developers does not need to design special class for mixin, "jsclass-mixin" accepts any/every ES6 class!

    "instanceof" Works

    Mixed classes can now test with normal instanceof operator.

      class MixinSample extends mix(Base, MixA, MixB){
      let obj = new MixinSample();
      //below codes return true
      obj instanceof Base;
      obj instanceof MixA;
      obj instanceof MixB;

    "super" Alternative for Mixed Class (update@0.1.6)

    While it is not possible to access mixed classes over-ridden methods using super key word, jsclass-mixin provides alternative way to it. You can use mixed property to access mixed classes overriden method.

      class MixinSample extends mix(Base, MixA, MixB){
          console.log("I am MixinSample");
      let obj = new MixinSample();
      > I am MixinSample
      //access over-ridden method this way
      > I am MixA


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