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A simple module to extract architecture notes from your code.

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You may want to generate this project's architecture notes:

npm i -g jsarch

git clone

cd jsarch

jsarch **/*.js >

Architecture Notes

You can see this repository architecture notes for an example of the kind of content generated by this module.



initJSArch($, [name], [dependencies])undefined

Declare jsArch in the dependency injection system

jsArch(services, options)String

Compile an run a template

initJSArch($, [name], [dependencies]) ⇒ undefined

Declare jsArch in the dependency injection system

Kind: global function

Param Type Default Description
$ Knifecycle The knifecycle instance
[name] String 'jsArch' The name of the service
[dependencies] Array ['glob', 'fs', 'log'] The dependencies to inject

jsArch(services, options) ⇒ String

Compile an run a template

Kind: global function
Returns: String - Computed architecture notes

Param Type Description
services Object Services (provided by the dependency injector)
services.glob Object Globbing service
services.fs Object File system service
services.log Object Logging service
options Object Options (destructured)
options.cwd Object Current working directory
options.patterns Object Patterns to look files for (see node-glob)