converts json-structured javascript to json

Converts JSON-structured JavaScript source to JSON. The JSON-structured source is JavaScript source that contains some expressions that aren't valid JSON but can easily be converted to it. For instance, a function expression will be converted to JSON by taking its source, stripping its indentation, and putting it into a JSON string. This is currently the only JavaScript expression that is supported.

This is designed to provide a way to edit CouchApps in a single file by cloning them directly from CouchDB! Stay tuned for more tools and documentation to support this workflow.

Esprima is used to find the function definitions. js2json replaces the functions with plain-JSON strings containing the source, and removes the required module.exports = fragment and runs the result through JSON.parse.


module.exports = {
  "hello"function() {
    /* a comment */
    console.log('Hello, world.');


var js2json = require('js2json')
  , fs = require('fs')
  , src = fs.readFileSync('./example.js', 'utf8')
  , obj = js2json.convert(src);
console.log(JSON.stringify(obj, null, 2));


  "hello": "function() {\n  /* a comment */\n  console.log('Hello, world.');\n}"