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JS Toolbox

Author: Rich Hildred forked from Jimmy Do

License: MIT

Class based inheritance in the style of BackBone in JavaScript code for Node.js.


npm install js-toolbox

Provides a primitive base class (Toolbox.Base) for class-based inheritance. Install with npm install js-toolbox --save. Based on code from Backbone (

var Toolbox = require('js-toolbox').Toolbox;
var assert = require('assert');

var Animal = Toolbox.Base.extend({
    constructor: function (name) {
        this._name = name;
    sayName: function () {
        return('Hi, my name is ' + this._name);

var oAnimal = new Animal("Tony the Tiger");
assert(oAnimal.sayName() === 'Hi, my name is Tony the Tiger');

js-toolbox can also be used in a browser see browserTest.html.. To use it in a browser I added require and module.exports implementations that are also usable in any file included after js-toolbox. To browserify js-toolbox I needed jQuery.extend, since I had it already I added it, jQuery.proxy, jQuery.ajax and just plain jQuery dom parsing to my exports as _jQuery. If you wanted to use jQuery.ajax on node for instance you would use var jQuery = require('js-toolbox')._jQuery; See the file tests/index.js

Depends on:

  • extend (
  • najax (
  • nodeproxy (
  • cheerio (