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algebraic equation solving helper library


npm install js-solver
var Solver = require('js-solver')
<script src='js-solver.js'></script>


var mySolver = new Solver({
  a: 'b+c',
  b: 'a-c',
  c: 'a-c'

  b: 2,
  c: 3
/* solved for 'a' based on equation
    a:5, b:2, c:3

more in depth example

var triangleSolver = new Solver({
    area: 'base*h/2',
    c: 'Math.sqrt(Math.pow(a,2)+Math.pow(b,2)) || base/2', //base/2 is an example of a dual-equation definition
    a: 'Math.sqrt(Math.pow(c,2)-Math.pow(b,2))',
    b: 'Math.sqrt(Math.pow(c,2)-Math.pow(a,2))',
    h: 'area*2/base',
    base: 'area*2/h'
    c: 5,
    b: 3,
    area: 50,
    h: 10
  { c: 5, b: 3, area: 50, h: 10, a: 4, base: 10 }


These are also valid equations

'a^2+b^2' //^ == power
'sqrt(c**2-a**2)' //** == power - from python, also notice sqrt, without the Math. in front (see note)

Valid Math defaults:

abs acos asin atan atan2 ceil co exp floor log pow E PI sin sqrt tan


The equations are evaled, so be aware of that. Also I used with(Math) to get the math stuff to eval... yeah...