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A small factory implementation for js-signals.


This is a simple wrapper to make it even easier to use js-signals.

As expected, you will need to have signals available in your application before using this script.


The signals factory reduces your signal management to a single point where you can request and retrieve all your signals. Using a signal is as simple as:

Get a simple signal

    var completed = SignalFactory.getSignal();
    completed.add(function () {
        console.log('it is completed!');

Get named signals

    // First register a callback function to your signal 
    SignalFactory.getSignal('completed').add(function () {
        console.log('it is completed!');
    // it is completed! 
    // Remove reference by name 

Get an array with all signals

    var all = SignalFactory.all();

Remove all used signals

    // All used signals are disposed and gone! 


Released under the MIT License.