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Decentraland SDK 7


Use the Decentraland Software Development Kit v7 to create experiences for the Decentraland ecosystem.

Create a scene and preview it locally

  1. Run npx @dcl/sdk-commands init on an empty folder.
  2. Preview it with npm run start!

Repository guide

This repository consists of the following components, packaged for the nodejs/npm ecosystem (find them under the respective subfolder in packages):

  • @dcl/react-ecs: a framework to create scenes using the React framework
  • @dcl/sdk: contains all the packages that a scene needs to work.
  • @dcl/ecs: an engine used to render things on screen
  • @dcl/sdk-commands: contains the command line interface
  • @dcl/inspector: Editor interface.

And some internal or maybe useful packages if you're digging deeper into how the Decentraland runtime works:

  • @dcl/js-runtime: the js-runtime contains the typings for the environment variables available in the sandboxed execution environment for scenes
  • @dcl/playground-assets: contains the files needed by the playground. https://playground.decentraland.org/

Versioning notes

When @dcl/sdk is built, as it depends on new versions of @dcl/ecs, these are built first and @dcl/sdk includes the new versions.

ECS 6 dev support

The ECS 6 lives in the 6.x.x branch, there will no longer be new features but it's available for fixes or patches. With a PR to 6.x.x, you can test the build with the S3 publish, but it'll be necessary to create a release for propagating under decentraland-ecs@latest.

Updating golden files (.crdt)

We use golden files to create snapshots for a series of test scenes. Most changes to the codebase impose a change in the amount of opcodes executed in the actual scene. We use a QuickJS virtual machine to benchmark how many opcodes are required. Even though this is not representative of the reallity of optimized JIT virual machines, it is a good approximation of the impact that the change would imposes on scene developers.

To re-create these golden files, run make build update-snapshots. In some cases, this will generate some discrepancies with the clean environment used by the continuous integration we use (CircleCI). If you run into this issue, please run make deep-clean-and-snapshot to invalidate all cached calculations. Be careful: it will clean all local changes on your git working tree.

Copyright info

This repository is protected with a standard Apache 2 license. See the terms and conditions in the LICENSE file.




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