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    Common web and node.js grunt tasks/lint configs/md templates and so on...


    This library holds common build tasks, lint configuration and so on, used by my personal node.js and web projects.
    This allows for a central configuration for all projects.


    In order to use this library, you need to refactor your build processes as defined in some of my projects such as simple-oracledb


    In order to use this library, just run the following npm install command:

    npm install --save-dev js-project-commons

    API Documentation

    See full docs at: API Docs


    See contributing guide

    Release History

    Date Version Description
    2018-04-14 v1.1.0 Add support of node >=6 grunt tasks
    2018-01-17 v1.0.99 Remove lock files automatically
    2017-11-06 v1.0.98 Update mocha options
    2017-07-19 v1.0.96 Disable jslint by default
    2017-05-01 v1.0.89 Load env vars from file for build process
    2017-04-28 v1.0.83 Add support for simple dual web/node projects
    2017-04-24 v1.0.76 Added snyk validations
    2017-04-17 v1.0.72 Added YAML validations
    2017-04-11 v1.0.68 Modify stylelint rules configuration
    2017-02-13 v1.0.63 jsdoc2md fix for windows
    2017-02-11 v1.0.62 Added env validation for build
    2017-01-13 v1.0.60 No security validation for npm dependencies for web projects
    2017-01-13 v1.0.59 Adding file name linting
    2017-01-06 v1.0.57 Updated api docs to readme generation task
    2016-12-21 v1.0.54 Adding htmlhint to grunt build
    2016-12-16 v1.0.50 Adding stylelint to grunt build
    2016-12-15 v1.0.48 Adding security validations to grunt build
    2016-11-26 v1.0.44 Create github release grunt task
    2016-11-19 v1.0.34 Build dependencies are now packaged and loaded internally
    2016-09-21 v1.0.18 Added api docs to readme generation task
    2016-09-15 v1.0.17 jslint will test spec files
    2016-09-14 v1.0.15 jshint and jscs will test also spec files
    2016-09-13 v1.0.13 Adding html and css linting support
    2016-09-12 v1.0.10 eslint will test also spec files
    2016-09-10 v1.0.3 Grunt tasks are now grouped to node/web build configs
    2016-09-07 v1.0.1 Lazy loading of grunt task definitions
    2016-09-07 v1.0.0 Change hosted lint configurations
    2016-09-07 v0.0.2 Initial release.


    Developed by Sagie Gur-Ari and licensed under the Apache 2 open source license.


    npm i js-project-commons

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