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defineProperty, undoably.


One property by one…

var o = Object.create(null), prev, descs;
Object.installProperty(o, "k", {value:1});      // true 
Object.defineProperty(o, "ng", {value:'IGNOREME'}); // define an immutable property 
Object.installProperty(o, "ng", {value:1});     // false because the target is immutable 
Object.installProperty(o, "k", {value:2});      // true 
console.log(o.k);                               // 2 
prev = Object.revertProperty(o, "k")
console.log(prev);  // {value:2, configurable:true, writable:true, enumerable:false} 
console.log(o.k);                               // 1 
prev = Object.revertProperty(o, "k")   // undefined // undo buffer is empty 

…or all at once!

= [0, 1]; // any object will do! (unless it is primitive, of course) 
descs = {0:{value:1},1:{value:2}};
Object.installProperties(o, descs);
console.log(o[0], o[1]);    // 1, 2 
Object.revertProperties(o, descs);
console.log(o[0], o[1]);    // 0, 1 

If you don't like it, you can restore the original state spotlessly:



Object.defineProperty is great except the fact it overwrites the previous property unconditionally. Isn't it nice if you can undo the operation, especially when you are tweaking built-in objects? This installproperty.js just does that!

On load, installproperty.js installProperties following functions to Object.

Object.installProperty( obj , prop , desc )

Same as Object.defineProperty except the previous descriptor can be reverted.

  • If prop already exists but not configurable:true and writable:true, it gives up and returns false
  • It forces desc to be configurable:true and writable:true so it can be reverted.

Returns true on success, false otherwise. And if it fails to create "revert buffer", throws exception.

Object.defaultProperty( obj , prop , desc )

Does Object.installProperty() iff prop is not in obj. Otherwise it immediately returns false, leaving obj intact.

Object.revertProperty( obj , prop )

Reverts the prop in obj. It returns the current descriptor or undefined if prop is not in obj or the revert buffer is empty.

Object.installProperties( obj , props )

Same as Object.defineProperties except the previous descriptors can be reverted.

Object.defaultProperties( obj , props )

Does Object.installProperty() only for each nonexistent properties. Very handly if you want to extend non-owner objects like built-ins. This is the function used by installproperty.js to install all these functions.

Object.revertProperties( obj [, props ] )

Reverts properties at once. props is an object that tells whose keys address what properties to revert. If prop is ommitted, all properties in the "revert buffer" are reverted.

Returns an object with pairs of reverted property names and the corresponding descriptors. That way you can go like:

descs = Object.revertProperties(obj);
// ... later ... 
Object.installProperties(obj, descs); // redo! 

Object.restoreProperties( obj )

Spotlessly restores obj. All properties are restored back to its initial state (the state before the first invocation of Object.installPropert(y|ies) ) and its "revert buffer" is removed.

Yes, you can restore Object itself via Object.restoreProperties(Object)!