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    This project is a benchmark of several data structures implementations suitable for data indexing.

    The goal is to find a suitable data structure to index non-unique fields of JavaScript objects.

    Data structures

    Currently, the following data structures implementations are being benchmarked:

    • B+ tree
    • Sorted map / Skip list
      • sorted-map (This lib does not allow several values per key, so the benchmark is very biased towards sorted-map having the best perfs.)
    • JavaScript Array

    In the future, I'm planning to evaluate other options such as:

    • lodash's _.indexBy
    • Splay Tree
    • Red-black Tree
    • Binary search tree

    I might also fork sorted-map to have it handle non-unique keys.

    Expected API

    Every data structure ds should implement the following:

    • insertion function, e.g. ds.insert(key, value) => *
    • retrieval of a value stored at key, e.g. ds.get(key, value) => Value
    • retrieval of all stored values ordered by key (ascending), e.g. ds.getAllValues() => [Values]
    • retrieval of all stored values whose keys are in a range (lowerBound, upperBound), e.g. ds.getRange(lowerBound, upperBound) => [Values]
    • removal of a value stored at key, e.g. ds.remove(key, value) => Value

    The benchmark

    We first create a database db holding dbSize objects

    obj = {
      age: random age between 0 and 90
      name: random name

    For each data structure, we insert these objects using age as index and name as value.

    In the future, I will probably add a configurable way of choosing the type of the indexed key and value. Indexing data on an integer between 0 and 90 is not very relevant. Using (somewhat) random timestamps (Number), dates (Date) or strings (String) as index might be more realistic.


    $ git clone
    cd js-index-data-structures && npm install

    You can adjust the database size dbSize and the branching factor of the B+ trees bf in index.js.

    Run the benchmark using $ npm run run

    Sample output:

    Creating database of 500 records
    Testing inject(key, value)
    bplus-index     3763.50  ops/sec
    bplustree       7494.82  ops/sec
    sorted-map (u)  1953.81  ops/sec
    array           5397.66  ops/sec
    bplustree          1.39  x faster than  array
    array              1.43  x faster than  bplus-index
    bplus-index        1.93  x faster than  sorted-map (u)
    Testing get(key)
    bplus-index      211475.94  ops/sec
    bplustree        116861.14  ops/sec
    sorted-map (u)  2613862.12  ops/sec
    array              1888.02  ops/sec
    sorted-map (u)       12.36  x faster than  bplus-index  (fast)
    bplus-index           1.81  x faster than  bplustree
    bplustree            61.90  x faster than  array        (ultra slow)
    Testing get all values
    bplus-index      27072.04  ops/sec
    bplustree       240871.37  ops/sec
    sorted-map (u)  977338.08  ops/sec
    array             3641.37  ops/sec
    sorted-map (u)       4.06  x faster than  bplustree
    bplustree            8.90  x faster than  bplus-index
    bplus-index          7.43  x faster than  array
    Testing getRange(lowerBound, upperBound)
    bplus-index       54500.71  ops/sec
    bplustree        253738.41  ops/sec
    sorted-map (u)  1456061.81  ops/sec
    array            104554.66  ops/sec
    sorted-map (u)        5.74  x faster than  bplustree
    bplustree             2.43  x faster than  array
    array                 1.92  x faster than  bplus-index
    Testing remove(key, value)
    bplus-index      127284.47  ops/sec
    bplustree         69245.34  ops/sec
    sorted-map (u)  2624412.65  ops/sec
    array               684.78  ops/sec
    sorted-map (u)       20.62  x faster than  bplus-index  (fast)
    bplus-index           1.84  x faster than  bplustree
    bplustree           101.12  x faster than  array        (ultra slow)
    Final results:
                            i  g  a  r  e
      1.00  sorted-map (u)  4  1  1  1  1
      9.07  bplustree       1  3  2  2  3
     12.48  bplus-index     3  2  3  4  2
    701.97  array           2  4  4  3  4




    npm i js-index-data-structures

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