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    JavaScript Types

    The goal of this project is to bring types to JavaScript without having to touch all that nasty this, new and prototype business.

    It's pretty simple:

    The first argument is the name of the type. We'll create a named function so its easy to inpect what type you're dealing with in the console.

    The second argument is either an array, an object, or a function. If its an array, it needs to be an array of strings. These will be the property names of the arguments passed into the constructor. If its an object, then we're creating a sum-type, like an Either or a Maybe. If its a function, then its a constructor function that takes a value and returns a plain object who's properties will get assigned to the type.

    The third argument is optional and is a plain object of prototype methods where the this is the last argument. It creates curried versions of the function on the type constructor along with prototype methods on the type.


    const Point = Type('Point', ['x', 'y'], {
      // this always comes last
      add: (a, b) => Point(b.x + a.x, b.y + a.y),
      subtract: (a, b) => Point(b.x - a.x, b.y - a.y)
    Point(1, 1).add(Point(1, 2)) // => Point(2, 3)
    Point.add(Point(1, 1), Point(1, 2)) // => Point(2, 3)
    Point.equals(Point(1, 1), Point(1, 1)) // => true
    Point(1, 1).equals(Point(1, 1)) // => true
    Point(1, 1).toString() // => "Point(1, 1)"
    Point.toString(Point(1, 1)) // => "Point(1, 1)"
    Point(1, 2).subtract(Point(1, 1)) // => Point(0, 1)
    subtract11 = Point.subtract(Point(1, 1))
    subtract11(Point(1, 2)) // => Point(0, 1)
    const Maybe = Type('Maybe', {
      Just: ['value'],
      Nothing: []
    }, {
      map: {
        Just: (f, x) => Maybe.Just(f(x.value)),
        Nothing: (f, x) => x,
    const add1 = x => x + 1
    Maybe.Just(1).map(add1) // Maybe.Just(2), Maybe.Just(1)) // Maybe.Just(2) // Maybe.Just(2)
, Maybe.Nothing()) // Maybe.Nothing() // Maybe.Nothing()
    Maybe.Nothing().map(add1) // Maybe.Nothing()
    const FunkyType = Type('FunkyType', (a,b) => {sum: a+b, diff: a-b})


    To Do

    • .toString for typed defined with a constructor function
    • curried type constructors
    • key-value constructors for tagged types, e.g. Point({x:1, y:2})
    • build and test some useful data-types


    # global dependencies 
    npm install -g xo ava
    # fixing up linting errors 
    xo --fix
    # test 
    npm test


    npm i js-bp

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