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Tent is an extension for Google Chrome allowing users to map web content to a list of annotations.


In Tent, content mapped to the provided annotations is grouped together in a context. This context is keyed by an arbitrary string in the redux state, and might represent a specific user tagging content in the extension or a project that content is being tagged for.

To switch contexts from another extension or webpage (e.g., if a user first reads an instruction page, you can set the project context from there), you can send a message to the extension with:

    data: {
      contextKey: 'project-1234',

Make sure you configure externally_connectable in manifest.json to accept messages from the sender extension or web page.

You can get your EXTENSION_ID from the Chrome store once you've published your extension, or generate your own for development purposes only.

By default, all mapped content is stored in a default context, so if you don't need to switch contexts you can ignore the concept entirely.


Create the extension zipfile with yarn package and follow the web store instructions. If you want to upload a new extension zipfile, you'll need to bump the version accordingly with yarn package -- (patch|minor|major).