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    1. The SDK files are located in the jqwidgets directory

    In general you need to use files from this directory only.

    Files list & description:

    Files required in all projects using the SDK:

    jqxcore.js: Core jQWidgets framework

    Stylesheet files. Include at least one stylesheet Theme file and the images folder:

    styles/jqx.base.css: Stylesheet for the base Theme. The jqx.base.css file should be always included in your project.

    styles/jqx.material.css: Stylesheet for the Material Theme styles/jqx.material-purple.css: Stylesheet for the Material Purple Theme styles/jqx.material-green.css: Stylesheet for the Material Green Theme styles/ Stylesheet for the Android Theme styles/jqx.arctic.css: Stylesheet for the Arctic Theme styles/jqx.web.css: Stylesheet for the Web Theme styles/ Stylesheet for the Black Theme styles/jqx.blackberry.css: Stylesheet for the Blackberry Theme styles/jqx.bootstrap.css: Stylesheet for the Bootstrap Theme styles/jqx.classic.css: Stylesheet for the Classic Theme styles/jqx.dark.css: Stylesheet for the Dark Theme styles/jqx.darkblue.css: Stylesheet for the DarkBlue Theme styles/jqx.energyblue.css: Stylesheet for the EnergyBlue Theme styles/jqx.fresh.css: Stylesheet for the Fresh Theme styles/jqx.highcontrast.css: Stylesheet for the High Contrast Theme styles/jqx.light.css: Stylesheet for the Light Theme styles/jqx.flat.css: Stylesheet for the Flat Theme styles/jqx.metro.css: Stylesheet for the Metro Theme styles/jqx.metrodark.css: Stylesheet for the Metro Dark Theme styles/ Stylesheet for the Mobile Theme styles/ Stylesheet for the Office Theme styles/ Stylesheet for the Orange Theme styles/jqx.shinyblack.css: Stylesheet for the ShinyBlack Theme styles/jqx.summer.css: Stylesheet for the Summer Theme styles/jqx.windowsphone.css: Stylesheet for the Windows Phone Theme styles/jqx.ui-darkness.css: Stylesheet for the UI Darkness Theme styles/jqx.ui-lightness.css: Stylesheet for the UI Lightness Theme styles/jqx.ui-le-frog.css: Stylesheet for the UI Le Frog Theme styles/jqx.ui-overcast.css: Stylesheet for the UI Overcast Theme styles/jqx.ui-redmond.css: Stylesheet for the UI Redmond Theme styles/jqx.ui-smoothness.css: Stylesheet for the UI Smoothness Theme styles/jqx.ui-start.css: Stylesheet for the UI Start Theme styles/jqx.ui-sunny.css: Stylesheet for the UI Sunny Theme

    styles/images: contains images referenced in the stylesheet files

    Files for individual widgets and plug-ins. Include depending on project needs:

    jqxangular.js: AngularJS integration plug-in jqxbargauge.js: BarGauge widget jqxbuttons.js: Button, RepeatButton, SubmitButton & ToggleButton widgets jqxbulletchart.js: BulletChart widget jqxbuttongroup.js: Button group widget jqxcalendar.js: Calendar widget jqxcombobox.js: ComboBox widget jqxcomplexinput.js: Complex Numbers TextBox widget jqxchart.core.js: Chart widget's Core jqxchart.rangeselector.js: Chart Range Selector jqxchart.api.js: Chart API jqxchart.annotations.js: Chart's annotations jqxchart.waterfall.js: Waterfall Chart jqxcheckbox.js: CheckBox widget jqxdate.js: DateTime plug-in jqxdata.js: Data Source plug-in jqxdata.export.js: Data Export plug-in jqxdatetimeinput.js: DateTimeInput widget jqxcolorpicker.js: Color Picker widget jqxdatatable.js: DataTable widget jqxdocking.js: Docking widget jqxdropdownbutton.js: DropDown Button widget jqxdragdrop.js: DragDrop plug-in jqxdraw.js: Draw Plugin. jqxdockpanel.js: DockPanel widget jqxdockinglayout.js: Docking Layout widget jqxdropdownlist.js: DropDownList widget jqxeditor.js: Editor widget jqxexpander.js: Expander widget jqxfileupload.js: FileUpload widget jqxformattedinput.js: Binary, Octal, Hex TextBox widget jqxform.js: Form widget. jqxgrid.js: Grid widget jqxgrid.sort.js: Grid Sort plug-in jqxgrid.filter.js: Grid Filter plug-in jqxgrid.grouping.js: Grid Grouping plug-in jqxgrid.selection.js: Grid Selection plug-in jqxgrid.columnsresize.js: Grid Columns Resize plug-in jqxgrid.columnsreorder.js: Grid Columns Reorder plug-in jqxgrid.pager.js: Grid Pager plug-in jqxgrid.edit.js: Grid Editing plug-in Grid Save/Load state plug-in jqxgrid.aggregates.js: Grid Aggregates plug-in jqxgauge.js: Radial and Linear Gauge widget jqxinput.js: TextBox widget jqxknockout.js: Knockout integration plug-in jqxknob.js: Knob widget jqxkanban.js: Kanban widget jqxlayout.js: Layout widget jqxlistbox.js: ListBox widget jqxloader.js: Loader widget jqxmaskedinput.js: Masked TextBox widget jqxmenu.js: Menu widget jqxnavigationbar.js: NavigationBar widget jqxnavbar.js: NavBar widget jqxnotification.js: Notification widget jqxnumberinput.js: NumberInput TextBox widget jqxpanel.js: Panel widget jqxpopover.js: Popover widget jqxprogressbar.js: ProgressBar widget jqxpasswordinput.js: Password input widget jqxpivotgrid.js: Pivot Grid widget. jqxrating.js: Rating widget jqxradiobutton.js: RadioButton widget jqxrangeselector.js: RangeSelector widget jqxresponse.js: Response plug-in jqxribbon.js: Ribbon widget jqxresponsivepanel.js: Responsive Panel widget jqxswitchbutton.js: Switch Button widget jqxscrollbar.js: ScrollBar widget jqxscrollview.js: ScrollView widget jqxsplitter.js: Splitter widget jqxslider.js: Slider widget jqxscheduler.js: Scheduler widget jqxscheduler.api.js: Scheduler API plugin jqxsortable.js: Sortable plugin jqxtabs.js: Tabs widget jqxtree.js: Tree widget jqxtagcloud.js: Tagcloud widget jqxtreemap.js: TreeMap widget jqxtreegrid.js: TreeGrid widget jqxtoolbar.js: Toolbar widget jqxtooltip.js: ToolTip widget jqxvalidator.js: Validation plug-in jqxwindow.js: Window widget

    File for all widgets and plug-ins:



    Individual widget examples are located in the /demos directory The mobile examples are located in the /demos/Javascript & JQuery/mobiledemos directory The php & mysql integration demos are located in the demos/PHP directory.. All php integration samples use and require the Northwind Database(/phpdemos/Northwind.MySQL5.sql).
    Any examples that use Ajax need to be on a Web Server/LocalHost in order to work correctly. Angular examples are located in the /demos/Angular directory. Vue examples are located in the /demos/Vue.js directory. React examples are location in the /demos/React directory. ASP .NET examples are located in the /demos/ASP.NET MVC and /demos/ASP.NET Tag Helpers directories. JSP examples are in /demos/JSP directory. Custom Elements/Web Components are in /demos/Web Components directory.


    Browse the documentation and examples through the index.htm file Individual API documentation files are located in the /documentation directory

    4.Other files

    The /scripts, /images, /styles folders contain the jquery library and other files used by the demo only.

    5.License & Purchase

    For more information regarding the licensing, please visit:


    npm i jqwidgets-scripts-custom

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