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tooltip plugin for wonderful Flot plotting library

For information about Flot library go here.

Works also with Time series data and supports Date formatting in the same way as Flot itself. You can fully define content of tip (with values precision) and you can use HTML tags too. Flot Tooltip can be easily customized with CSS. Just do what you want with .flotTip in your stylesheet.

Check examples folder for details of how to use it.

How to use

Download and include on your page after main jquery.flot library:

You can also use bower package manager:

bower install flot.tooltip

Important! You need to set flot option hoverable to true if you want flot.tooltip plugin to work.

grid: {
  hoverable: true

Plugin Options

In comments there are default values

tooltip: {
    show:           boolean                 //false
    cssClass:       string                  //"flotTip"
    content:        string or function      //"%s | X: %x | Y: %y"
    xDateFormat:    string                  //null
    yDateFormat:    string                  //null
    monthNames:     string                  // null
    dayNames:       string                  // null
    shifts: {
        x:          int                     //10
        y:          int                     //20
    defaultTheme:   boolean                 //true
    lines:          boolean                 //false
    onHover:        function(flotItem, $tooltipEl)
    $compat:        boolean                 //false
  • show : set to true to turn on this plugin (if grid.hoverable is also set to true)
  • cssClass : the class to assign to the tooltip's HTML DIV element, defaulted to "flotTip"
  • content : content of your tooltip, HTML tags are also allowed; use %s for series label, %x for X value, %y for Y value and %p for percentage value (useful with pie charts using flot.pie plugin)
    With %x, %y and %p values you can also use .precision, for example %x.2 means that value of X will be rounded to 2 digits after the decimal point.
    If no precision or dateFormat is set then plugin uses tickFormatter to format values displayed on tooltip.
    If you require even more control over how the tooltip is generated you can pass a callback function(label, xval, yval, flotItem) that must return a string with the format described.
    The content callback function pass may also return a boolean value of false (or empty string) if the tooltip is to be hidden for the given data point. Pull request #64 introduced two more placeholders %lx and %ly, that work with flot-axislabels plugin.
    Pull request #75 introduced %ct placeholder for any custom text withing label (see example in examples/custom-label-text.html)
    Pull request #112 introduced %n placeholder for the total number (rather than percent) represented by a single slice of a pie chart.
  • xDateFormat : you can use the same specifiers as in Flot, for time mode data
  • yDateFormat : you can use the same specifiers as in Flot, for time mode data
  • monthNames : check #28
  • dayNames : check #28
  • shifts : shift tooltip position regarding mouse pointer for x and y, negative values are ok
  • defaultTheme : plugin have default theme build-in but here you can switch it off and adjust look of tip styling .flotTip (or whatever you set the class parameter to) in your CSS
  • lines : whether or not to have a tooltip on hover for lines between points
  • onHover : callback that allows you i.e. change color of the border of the tooltip according to the currently hovered series
  • $compat : whether or not to use compatibility mode - set this to true if you are using jQuery <1.2.6

Supported plugins

For developers/contributors





  • merged pull request: #138,


  • pull requests from the community since May 2015


  • IMPORTANT NOTE A: while a legacy check exists, the options object format has changed to be a single object tooltip with a property show (defaulted to false). The legacy check may not always exist, so it may be a good idea to update your production code.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE B: while there's a legacy check for the options object, there is not one for the id-to-class change (see below). This change will be far less relevant to developers, as it only matters when adding custom CSS styling. If your implementation does so, make sure you change your selectors with the new version!
  • merged pull requests: #95, #98, #99, #103
  • corrected some errors in the documentation
  • improved line tracking feature - now utilizes flot's plot object's grid.mouseActiveRadius option for threshold and is based off pixel distance instead of data.
  • changed the id option to cssClass instead. This means the option is now cssClass instead of id, and will (obviously) be assigned as a class instead of an id. Therefore, any relevant CSS selectors need to be changed as well.
  • added fix that should allow x axis value to work properly in some multiple-series implementations


  • merged pull request #87, adding compatibility with jQuery < 1.2.6
  • added new API functions to Flot's base plot object:
    • setTooltipPosition(pos)
    • showTooltip(item, pos)
    • hideTooltip()
  • cleaned a lot of the source code for better maintainability and development


  • merged pull requests: #86, #85, #83
  • pull request #86 introduced support for showing tooltips when hovering over the lines between points
  • dropped the IE polyfill indexOf in favor of jQuery's $.inArray
  • these changes were actually distributed across v0.8.0-v0.8.3, but they all happened one after another so the changes have been summarized together


  • merged pull requests: #78, #74, #75
  • added support for any arbitrary text in a label with a new %ct placeholder (see #75 or example in examples/custom-label-text.html)


  • added time zone support by using $.plot.dateGenerator by @ilvalle
  • this version requires that jquery.flot.js is updated to the v8.3


  • added support for tickRotor plugin, thanks to @pauljandrew
  • added support for flot-axislabels plugin (https://github.com/markrcote/flot-axislabels) through two new placeholders "%lx" and "%ly" for respectively x and y axis labels, thanks to @LoicUV
  • added a plugin "detection" system for facilitating further plugin-dependent developments
  • some bug fixes, thanks to @vitorbaptista


  • added support for custom tick label on y axis, thanks to @LoicUV


  • added support for threshold.plugin with new example, fixed #57, thanks to @juerkkil


  • great job by @Lukindo, fixed a few issues:
    • precision in x or y value #50
    • concerning $ escaping #16
    • use custom ticks if given #18
    • remove %s if series label is undefined #41


  • enable Flot original ability to change both dayNames and monthNames, fix #28, thanks to @Jako


  • events are properly unbinded on shutdown, thanks to @maplemuse
  • hide empty tooltip div on init, thanks to @ulipollo

v0.6 and v0.6.1

  • nothing from user perspective :)
  • another refactoring, FlotTooltip object structure changed to allow many instances to fix issue #13 (regression after v0.5 refactoring)


  • content can be a function (thx to @fmsf for pull request)


  • refactoring + fixed few issues (#7 and #11)
  • dateFormat option replaced with xDateFormat and yDateFormat to support both axes
  • changed string formatter logic:
    • if any axis has mode == time then format value according to axis date format (if defined) or tick format
    • if value has set precision, use it
    • in the end use tick formatter for the axis


  • add jquery.flot.pie plugin support, you can display percentage value on tooltip (thx to @ismyrnow for pull request)


  • add jquery.flot.stack plugin support, values in tooltip are now displayed correctly (issue #3)


  • tooltip is appended to body, not placeholder of graph
  • changed default values of tip's shifts
  • time is formatted when first axis of flot's multi-axes is in time mode (issue #2) (full multi-axes support maybe in the future)
  • #flotTip container is initialized only if it does not exist (see new multiple-axes example and re-initialize plot)


  • default theme with new option to disable it if you like to add your own styles


Now you can easily set precision of values displayed on tip thanks to enhanced string formatter. Just put your desired precision after value in format like this %x.precision, where precision is a number of digits to appear after the decimal point. It uses number.toFixed(precision) function internally.

What is more string formatter was rewritten and now is RegExp based.


content: "value of X is %x.1 and value of Y is %y.4 and they belong to '%s' series"
content: "<h4>%s</h4><ul><li>X is %x</li><li>Y is %y.2</li></ul>"


I'd like to introduce string formatter. Now you can easily define how content of your flot.tooltip should look like. You can also use HTML tags!

Just use new option called content. The following specifiers are supported:

  • %x: for X value
  • %y: for Y value
  • %s: for series label

From now on also minified version is available.


  • many series support with series name on the tooltip
  • date and time formatting can be defined when in time mode (using internal plot function)
  • tooltip position shift can be defined


  • @Roundaround - continuous contributor and co-author
  • @ismyrnow - add jquery.flot.pie plugin support
  • @fmsf - content can be a function
  • @pdelanauze - upgrade to gruntjs v0.4 + memory usage optimization
  • @grrowl - fix tooltip position for touch devices
  • @Athanasius - fix issue #17, Tooltip is outside the window
  • @erezmazor - added label to the signature of content function to allow for fully custom label drawing
  • @maplemuse - pull request #39
  • @ulipollo - pull request #42
  • @Augi - pull request #36
  • @eunomie - pull request #52
  • @Jako - pull request #55, fix for issue #28
  • @Lukindo - pull request #56, fix for issues: #50, #16, #18 and #41
  • @LoicUV - pull request #62, added support for custom tick label on y axis, pull request #64, support for flot-axislabels plugin
  • @vitorbaptista - pull request #66, fix tooltip when displaying multiple series
  • @pauljandrew - pull request #67, add support for tickRotor plugin
  • @pib - bower package manager configuration file
  • @ilvalle - pull request #77, added time zone support by using $.plot.dateGenerator
  • @willianganzert - pull request #83, Add "id" to tooltip element
  • @larsenmtl - pull request #85, Support for stacked percent plugin
  • @RoboterHund - pull request #87, Compatibility fix for older versions of jQuery
  • and many more, check merged pull requests

Copyright (c) 2011-2016 Krzysztof Urbas (@krzysu) & Evan Steinkerchner (@Roundaround).

jquery.flot.tooltip is available under the MIT license.



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