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jquery-tabstops is a jquery plugin to provide Office-style tabstops, with various alignments and leaders.

Sort of like this:


There's some more screenshots and sample fiddles below.

And a blog post here.

Quick start

Use JSdelivr to get latest version of JQuery and the plugin.

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/jquery@3.3.1"></script>

<!--jquery-tabstops javascript file-->
<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/jquery-tabstops/js/jquery.tabstops.js"></script>   

Install with NPM / Bower / Yarn

  • NPM : npm install jquery-tabstops
  • Bower : bower install jquery-tabstops
  • Yarn : yarn add jquery-tabstops

Sample screenshots

Table of contents

Example of right-alignment, leaders
jsfiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/knoxg/d8w6x07b/
Table of contents

Interesting mandelbrot co-ordinates

Example of different alignment options (decimal, center, left)
jsfiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/knoxg/c4wxb9ou/
( co-ordinates courtesy of marksmath )
Interesting mandelbrot co-ordinates

Badly formatted stock table

Example of different leader options (blank, dotted, solid); different alignment options (left, decimal, right, center)
jsfiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/knoxg/03fg1ckd/
Stock list

Badly formatted legal document

Example of bar alignment, custom leader
jsfiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/knoxg/4nbkxw5u/

Sample code

Some more jsfiddle examples of different use cases:


The plugin formats text surrounding tabs so that they align with tabstops defined as options to the plugin, or as CSS styles.

<p>Some example</p>

To initialise the plugin, call tabstops() on the element:



Most users will probably only use the 'tabstops' and 'deafultTabstop' options.

All measurements can be expressed in CSS units ( e.g. 1cm, 10px, 1in, 1em, 10%, 0.1vw )

Option Data-Attr Defaults Type Description
tabstops data-tabstops tab stops Set the tab stops for a paragraph
defaultTabstop data-default-tabstop 96px tab stop Set the default tab stops for a paragraph. 96px is an inch at 96DPI ( the default for Office applications )
tabstopsCssProperty --tabstops string The CSS property used to hold tabstops for the plugin
tabElement data-tab-element span string The HTML element used to represent tabs
tabClass data-tab-class tab string The HTML class used to represents tabs
convertTabs data-convert-tabs true boolean Convert tab characters ( \t ) to HTML elements. If false, then tabs must already be represented as the elements and classes configured in the tabElement and tabClass options
scale 1 number Adjust tabstop scale
leaderMode data-leader-mode text string Sets the leader mode (either text or border)
refreshOnResize true boolean If true will reformat tabs after container is resized

Creating tabstops

Tabstops can be created via CSS classes, inline styles, data sttributes or javascript.

CSS classes:

.myTabStyle {
  --tabstops: 1cm left, 5cm right dotted, 10cm center;
<p class="myTabStyle">Here be the tabstops</p>

Inline CSS:

<p style="--tabstops: 1cm left, 5cm right dotted, 10cm center">Here be the tabstops</p>

Data attributes:

<p data-tabstops="1cm left, 5cm right dotted, 10cm center">Here be the tabstops</p>


<p data-tabstops="1cm left, 5cm right dotted, 10cm center">Here be the tabstops</p>
        tabstops: '1cm left, 5cm right dotted, 10cm center', // three manual tabstops

When initialising by javascript, tabstops can be supplied using a comma-separated list of tabstops (as above), or by an array of individual tabstops.

Individual tabstops can be represented either as strings:

<p data-tabstops="1cm left, 5cm right dotted, 10cm center">Here be the tabstops</p>
        tabstops: [ 
          '1cm left', 
          '5cm right dotted', 
          '10cm center'

or objects:

<p data-tabstops="1cm left, 5cm right dotted, 10cm center">Here be the tabstops</p>
        tabstops: [ 
          { position : '1cm', align: 'left' },
          { position : '5cm', align: 'right', leader: 'dotted' }, 
          { position : '10cm', align: 'center }


Tabstops do not generate events


// initialise tabstops 
// is equivalent to .tabstops('refresh')

// refresh tabstops
// e.g. after container resize has triggered wordwrap

// set multiple options and refresh
$('p').tabstops('refresh', { 
  'defaultTabstop' : '2cm',
  'leaderMode' : 'border'

// reset options after data attribute modification
$('p').attr('data-default-tabstop', '2cm');
$('p').tabstops('refresh', 'data');

// reset tabstops from CSS after CSS style / class modifications
$('p').attr('class', 'myDifferentTabstopStyle');
$('p').tabstops('refresh', { tabstops : null } );


// retrieve all options
var options = $('#myParagraph').tabstops('option');

// retrieve individual option
var defaultTabstop = $('#myParagraph').tabstops('option', 'defaultTabstop');

// change individual options and refresh
$('p').tabstops('option', 'defaultTabstop', '2cm');

// change multiple options and refresh
$('p').tabstops('option', { 
  'defaultTabstop' : '2cm',
  'leaderMode' : 'border'

// destroy tabstops
// will also reverse any conversions made if `convertTabs` property 
// was true during initialisation



Add the following libraries to the page:

  • jQuery
  • jquery-tabstops.min.js

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