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TableHeadFixer is a simple jQuery plugin for fixer HTML tables header, footer or columns.
This plugin will only add elements events and css attributes necessary for fix tables header, footer or columns, you can customize styles of your table, this plugin will not influence style of table (width, height, background, font color, etc...)

Require (Important!)

Get Starting

For use TableHeadFixer plugin, is require include jQuery in your page.
After included jQuery in your page, just include TableHeadFixer plugin and call .tableHeadFixer([param]) function after page rendered.
And table of fixed need has a div, where included all size style.


Fix Table Header

    // get your table with jQuery selector

Fix First Left Column

By default, table header is fixed when .tableHeadFixer() function is called, if you need fix only footer or columns, is necessary disable head fix by parameter.

    $("#fixTable").tableHeadFixer({'left' : 1, 'head' : false});

Fix Two Left Columns

    $("#fixTable").tableHeadFixer({'left' : 2, 'head' : false});

Fix Table Header and First Right Column

    $("#fixTable").tableHeadFixer({'right' : 1});

Fix Table Header and Footer

    $("#fixTable").tableHeadFixer({'foot' : true});

Maybe you will need set fixer cells for resolve conflit between jQuery plugins

    $("#fixTable").tableHeadFixer({'z-index' : 50});

Fix Multiple Rows in Header or Footer

For fix multiple rows in header or footer, is only add new tr in the header or footer, all tr is will be fixed.

More Demos

For check more demos, please enter in the examples path.


attribute values default
head true/false true
foot true/false false
left 1,2,3,4,etc 0
right 1,2,3,4,etc 0
z-index 10,50,999,etc 0


For fixer table header, footer or columns, is important table contained in a div, where which has set height, for fix header or footer, and set width, for fix left or right columns. This is very important, after all, for fix any row or columns, is necessary a area limited for show table.

If fixed cells border is important for you

If fixed cells border is important for you, is necessary set table cells css border-collapse: separate, because for css, when border-collapse: collapse, cells border is not possible separate and maintain even position of fixed cells


npm i jquery-table-fixer

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