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jQuery PicTip

jQuery PicTip is a plugin that adds handy tooltips to your images, slideshows, sliders and more.


  • Easy configuration and customization
  • Easy integration with slideshows, sliders, 360 views, and more
  • Support for captions and bubble tooltips
  • Add any content type to tooltips/captions
  • Event type options (hover/click)
  • Change tooltip position relative to spot
  • Create spots with your own HTML markup
  • CSS transitions/Animations are supported
  • Built with performance in mind
  • Responsive-friendly
  • Very small (just 4kb minified)

Getting Started

  • Include the jQuery library and the PicTip plugin on your page. It can also be installed using Bower or npm:
bower install jquery-pictip
npm install jquery-pictip
  • Call the pictip() method on the jQuery element that contains your image(s). Let me show you an example:


<div id="pictip-demo"> </div>


    position: relative;
  /* make it look pretty */
  /* make it look pretty */

Use the following clases for customization:

Class Description
spot Spot class
spot-{index} Class containing the spot indetifier (spot-0, spot-1, etc)
spot-open Class assigned to the spot when the related tooltip is open
spot-tooltip Tooltip class
spot-tooltip-{index} Class containing the tooltip indetifier (spot-tooltip-0, spot-tooltip-1, etc)
spot-tooltip-close Class assigned to the tooltip close link
spot-tooltip-content Class assigned to the tooltip content container

The JavaScript

    spots: [
            top: '50px',
            left: '20px',
            content: 'Hello!',
            tooltipPosition:'br' //bottom-right

The complete set of options:

Option Description
spots [ Array: [] ] Spots object array. Refer to the next table for more information.
spotClass [ String: '.spot' ] Spots class.
spotTemplate [ String: '' ] HTML template to create the spots.
eventType [ String: 'click' ] Event type to trigger the tooltip/caption display action (posible values are click and mouseenter).
tooltip [ Boolean: true ] Display tooltip or caption? (use caption for a better mobile experience).
show [ Function: function (tooltip) {} ] Function that overrides the plugin default show functionality.
close [ Function: function (tooltip) {} ] Function that overrides the plugin default close functionality.
onShowToolTip [ Function: function (spot, tooltip) {} ] Function executed after the tooltip has opened
onCloseToolTip [ Function: function (spot, tooltip) {} ] Function executed after the tooltip has closed

Functions onShowToolTip and onCloseToolTip are not executed if show and close functions are defined.

Spots set of options:

Option Description
top [ Number: 0 ] Spot top position
left [ Number: 0 ] Spot left position
content [ String: '' ] Tooltip content. Add any content type
tooltipPosition [ String: '' ] Tooltip position relative to spot. (tl, tr, tc, bl, br, bc, cl, cr)
tooltipId [ String: '' ] Tooltip ID
tooltipCss [ Object: {} ] CSS styling for the tooltip
tooltipClose [ Boolean: false ] Set this to true if you want the tooltip close link
open [ Boolean: false ] Set this to true if you want the tooltip to be open on page load


Accessing the PicTip instance.

// You can access the instance with:
var pictip = $("#pictip-demo").data('pictip');

You can access the following methods of the instance:

Method Description
init [ Function: function (options) {...} ] Initialize the plugin instance
closeToolTips [ Function: function () {...} ] Close all open tooltips
destroy [ Function: function () {...} ] Destroy the plugin instance



  • Adding CSS transitions/animations support (through the new show and close configuration options)
  • Adding position class to tooltip elements in order to describe the tooltip position (relative to spot)


  • Adding performance improvements for responsive sites


  • Adding "open by default" option


If you'd like to contribute to this project, create a branch and send a pull request for that branch. Hint and test your code.

Any problems, please, let me know.


Copyright (c) 2015 Daniel Fernández A. Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.


npm i jquery-pictip

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