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    BotDetect CAPTCHA jQuery Plugin: Simple API integration for jQuery 1/2/3+

    For a comprehensive step-by-step integration guide please see our jQuery Captcha Plugin Integration Guide.
    The guide covers the integration with the following backends:

    • ASP.NET (Core): web API with MVC Core
    • ASP.NET (Legacy): Web-API2, MVC1-5, Generic Handler
    • Java: Servlet, Spring, Struts
    • PHP: the plain PHP

    To give you a hint how jQuery Captcha Plugin works we pasted bellow a few, not necessary up-to-date (and mostly frontend related), excerpts from the Integration Guide.

    Quick guide:

    1) jQuery Captcha Plugin Installation
    npm install jquery-captcha --save
    2) Include jQuery Captcha Plugin in Your App
    <script src="node_modules/jquery-captcha/dist/jquery-captcha.min.js"></script>
    3) Load jQuery Captcha Plugin in Your App, and Configure Backend Captcha Endpoint

    Endpoint configuration depends on which technology you use in the backend.

    • ASP.NET-based captcha endpoint:
    $(document).ready(function() {
      // DOM ready
      var captcha = $('#botdetect-captcha').captcha({
    • Java-based captcha endpoint:
    $(document).ready(function() {
      // DOM ready
      var captcha = $('#botdetect-captcha').captcha({
    • PHP-based captcha endpoint:
    $(document).ready(function() {
      // DOM ready
      var captcha = $('#botdetect-captcha').captcha({
    4) Display Captcha In Your View
    <div id="botdetect-captcha" data-captchastylename="yourFirstCaptchaStyle"></div>
    <input id="yourFirstCaptchaUserInput" type="text"/>
    5) Captcha Validation: Client-side Code
    $('#yourFormWithCaptcha').submit(function(event) {
      // the user-entered captcha code value to be validated at the backend side
      var userEnteredCaptchaCode = captcha.getUserEnteredCaptchaCode();
      // the id of a captcha instance that the user tried to solve
      var captchaId = captcha.getCaptchaId();
      var postData = {
        userEnteredCaptchaCode: userEnteredCaptchaCode,
        captchaId: captchaId
      // post the captcha data to the /your-app-backend-path on your backend
        method: 'POST',
        url: 'https://your-app-backend-hostname.your-domain.com/your-app-backend-path',
        dataType: 'json',
        contentType: 'application/json; charset=utf-8',
        data: JSON.stringify(postData),
        success: function(response) {
          if (response.success == false) {
            // captcha validation failed; reload image
            // TODO: maybe display an error message, too
          } else {
            // TODO: captcha validation succeeded; proceed with your workflow
    6) Captcha Validation: Server-side Code

    The userEnteredCaptchaCode and captchaId values posted from the frontend are used to validate a captcha challenge on the backend.

    The validation is performed by calling the: Validate(userEnteredCaptchaCode, captchaId).

    • Server-side captcha validation with ASP.NET Captcha on backend is executed in the following way:
    // C#
    SimpleCaptcha yourFirstCaptcha = new SimpleCaptcha();
    bool isHuman = yourFirstCaptcha.Validate(userEnteredCaptchaCode, captchaId);
    ' VB.NET
    Dim yourFirstCaptcha As SimpleCaptcha = New SimpleCaptcha()
    Dim isHuman As Boolean = yourFirstCaptcha.Validate(userEnteredCaptchaCode, captchaId)
    • Server-side captcha validation with Java Captcha on backend is executed in the following way:
    SimpleCaptcha yourFirstCaptcha = SimpleCaptcha.load(request);
    boolean isHuman = yourFirstCaptcha.validate(userEnteredCaptchaCode, captchaId);
    • Server-side captcha validation with PHP Captcha on backend is executed in the following way:
    $yourFirstCaptcha = new SimpleCaptcha();
    $isHuman = $yourFirstCaptcha->Validate($userEnteredCaptchaCode, $captchaId);


    1. jQuery Captcha Plugin Step-by-step Integration Guide -- read this one first

    2. jQuery Captcha Plugin Basic Example -- partial code walk-through

    3. jQuery Captcha Plugin Form Example -- partial code walk-through


    The current version of the jQuery Captcha Plugin requires one of the following BotDetect CAPTCHA backends:

    Technical Support:

    Through contact form on captcha.com.


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