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    jQuery Bracket library

    jQuery bracket is a jQuery plugin that lets users create and display single and double elimination brackets for tournament play.

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    To get an idea of how you could use the library, or if you're just looking for a quick way of hosting and tracking tournaments online, check out GotBracket.com - early access out now!

    Documentation and examples

    Documentation and examples can be found from the project site at http://www.aropupu.fi/bracket/


    Use bower (npm install -g bower) to install jQuery Bracket as a dependency. If you want to take a manual copy of the code, pre-compiled version can be found under dist/.

    bower install jquery-bracket

    You can also use npm:

    npm install jquery-bracket


    • Install node
    • Run npm install -g typescript to install TypeScript globally
    • Run npm start to get dependencies and start "watch" for changes under src/
    • Run npm run check to test style conformity
    • Run npm run format to auto-format (overwrite) files

    Minified files are compiled to dist/ directory.


    • 2018-01-24: 0.11.1 Fix TBD propagation and final connector bug.
    • 2016-11-12: 0.11.0 Center connectors with centerConnectors: boolean and disable hover highlight with disableHighlight: boolean. Bug fixes.
    • 2016-11-05: 0.10.0 Pass entry state to render decorator to allow custom visualization for TBD, BYE, no-score, and default win scenarios.
    • 2016-10-25: 0.9.0 Resizing and partial editing support
      • Adjust bracket proportions with teamWidth: number, scoreWidth: number, matchMargin: number, roundMargin: number.
      • disableTeamEdit: boolean prevents modifying the team when in edit mode.
      • disableToolbar: boolean prevents modifying the bracket size and format in edit mode.
    • 2016-10-16: 0.8.0 BYE matches.
      • Gives proper support for having any number of teams in a tournament (instead of just 2^N, i.e. 2, 4, 8...).
      • Leaving teams empty (null) creates a BYE branch. Any team scheduled against BYE will get a default win with no score, and advance automatically to the next match.
    • 2015-12-11: 0.7.3 Do not mutate original initialization data.
    • 2015-11-26: 0.7.2 Fix #49, the score initialization bug.
    • 2015-11-07: 0.7.1 (hotfix) 0.7.0 including source cleanup and new feature flag: skipGrandFinalComeback.
    • 2015-10-21: Published jquery-bracket to Bower. You can now use bower install jquery-bracket to install the library.
    • 2015-10-14: Tagged latest commit (3a4210c) as 0.6.0 to indicate it being the latest stable version and keep future development more flexible. From now on, take only a tagged version from this repository unless you're developing it further.
    • 2013-10-29: Remove redundant styles. Make HTML more standards compliant. Streamline CSS and HTML to some extent with jQuery Group plugin. Markup and CSS in this release are not backwards compatible!
    • 2013-10-07: skipSecondaryFinal boolean to finish double elimination tournament after first match. Skips the second match normally created if LB winner wins the first match. Display '--' score for non-played matches. Project ported to TypeScript with additional refactorings (not visible for library users).
    • 2013-06-05: onMatchHover and onMatchClick callbacks created in order to allow more interaction with the bracket.
    • 2013-04-03: "skipConsolationRound" option, minified distribution files
    • 2013-03-14: Reversing the bracket flow with dir property
    • 2012-07-10 (release 5): IE 8 support and remove "disabled" attributes as it messed IE8+ colors.
    • 2012-07-09 (release 4): Included following fixes and added bubble for 4th place.
      • There is no support for second final match. If LB winner wins the first round in finals, you must practically score the match according to rounds, e.g. 1-0, 0-1 or 0-2. In the fix if LB winner wins first final match, a new round will be created. Fix not perfectly backwards compatible. LB winning brackets with old results will be displayed unresolved as new final round is generated.
      • Losers from WB will be assigned in same order to LB. This means that participants will have to play against previous opponents earlier than necessary. This fix is not backwards compatible! Every second round of WB losers will be assigned in reverse order to LB in order to maximize the time it takes for two teams to play against each other twice.
    • 2012-04-09 (release 3): Fix bug preventing edit click of finalist in Firefox and Chrome.
    • 2012-01-23: SASS conversion for styles. Fix bug with 2 teams.
    • 2012-01-15 (release 2): Result labels and color adjustments.
    • 2011-10-18 (release 1): Consolidation final support for single elimination.
    • 2011-10-11: Bugfix: Zero not properly accepted as a result




    npm i jquery-bracket

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