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Note: the version number will always match the upstream version number. Any changes in this package will increment the "pm" version.

This package contains jqplot modified to commonjs modules.

It can be imported:

import jqplot from 'jqplot-exported/jqplot';
import { CanvasAxisLabelRenderer } from 'jqplot-exported/plugins/CanvasAxisLabelRenderer';
import { CanvasAxisTickRenderer } from 'jqplot-exported/plugins/CanvasAxisTickRenderer';
import { EnhancedLegendRenderer } from 'jqplot-exported/plugins/EnhancedLegendRenderer';
import { LogAxisRenderer } from 'jqplot-exported/plugins/LogAxisRenderer';

For more information, see the documentation and examples.


Pure JavaScript plotting plugin for jQuery.

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/jqPlot

jqPlot home page: http://www.jqplot.com

Users forum: http://groups.google.com/group/jqplot-users

Developers forum: http://groups.google.com/group/jqplot-dev

Examples and unit tests: http://www.jqplot.com/examples

Documentation: http://www.jqplot.com/docs/

Project page and source code: http://www.github.com/jqPlot/jqPlot

Bugs, issues, feature requests: http://www.github.com/jqPlot/jqPlot/issues

Building from source

If you've cloned the repository, you can build a distribution from source.

Requirements and build tools

Getting started

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Clone the repository into the folder of your choice.
  3. Install Node.JS
  4. Run npm install to install the necessary dependencies.
  5. Run npm build to build the program.

Legal Notices

Copyright (c) 2009-2015 Chris Leonello

jqPlot is currently available for use in all personal or commercial projects under both the MIT and GPL version 2.0 licenses. This means that you can choose the license that best suits your project and use it accordingly.

jqPlot includes date instance methods and printf/sprintf functions by other authors:

Date instance methods

Author: Ken Snyder (ken d snyder at gmail dot com) Date: 2008-09-10 Version: 2.0.2 (http://kendsnyder.com/sandbox/date/) License: Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/)

JavaScript printf/sprintf functions

Author: Ash Searle Version: 2007.04.27 http://hexmen.com/blog/2007/03/printf-sprintf/ http://hexmen.com/js/sprintf.js The author (Ash Searle) has placed this code in the public domain: "This code is unrestricted: you are free to use it however you like."


npm i jqplot-exported

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