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JPush API Caller for node.js



npm install jpusher


var JPusher = require("jpusher");
var jPusher = JPusher.createPusher(APP_KEY, API_MASTER_SECRET);
var param = JPusher.createParam(parseInt( / 1000));
param.addReceivers([ "tag3", "tag4" ]);
jPusher.push(param, "我是消息。", function(err, msgId) {
    if(err) {
    } else {

Param Functions

  • setReceiverType: set the receiver type. (ReceiverType.RT_ALL, ReceiverType.RT_TAG, ReceiverType.RT_ALIAS, default to ALL)
  • addReceivers: add receivers. (param is an array)
  • setReceivers: set receivers. (param is an array)
  • setMsgType: set message type. (MsgType.MT_NOTIFICATION, MsgType.MT_CUSTOMIZE, default to NOTIFICATION)
  • setAndroidContent: set android custom content. (only when msgType is MT_CUSTOMIZE)
  • setIOSProperty: params are badge and sound.
  • setTitle: set message title. (default to app name)
  • setBuildId: set builder id. (default to 0, refer to
  • setOverrideId: set override id. (default to null)
  • setTimeToLive: set time to live. (default to 86400)
  • setAPNsProduction: set APNs production. (APNsType.AT_DEVELOPMENT, APNsType.AT_PRODUCTION, APNsType.AT_DEFAULT, default to DEFAULT)
  • setPlatform: set platform array. (default to [ "android", "ios" ])
  • setDescription: set push description.