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JPGIS GML converter

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JPGIS GML converter

JPGIS GML to GeoJSON converter for building peripheral lines (=BldA) for node.


npm i jpgis-convert



const convert = require('jpgis-convert');
convert(['input1.xml', 'input2.xml'], {
    output: 'output.geojson'

convert(files [, options [, callback]])

  • files - Array of String of BldA.xml file path
  • options:
    • output - String of an output file path. If you don't set it, convert() outputs to stdout.
    • typeIds - Object of building type name to ID mapper. Default:
        '普通建物': 0,
        '堅ろう建物': 1,
        '普通無壁舎': 2,
        '堅ろう無壁舎': 3
    • ignoreTypes - Building type name Set to ignore.
  • callback - The Function is called when convert() finished. It takes no arguments.

A full option example:

const convert = require('jpgis-convert');
convert(['input1.xml', 'input2.xml'], {
    output: 'output.geojson',
    typeIds: {
        '普通建物': 0,
        '堅ろう建物': 1
    ignoreTypes: new Set(['普通無壁舎', '堅ろう無壁舎'])
}, () => console.log('finished'));

Background and purpose

In May 2016, I found the tool FGDV of the government of Japan can't handle coordinates in <gml:interior> tags in <BldA> as individual ring. Coordinates in <gml:interior> and <gml:exterior> tags are merged to a ring. It converts JPGIS GML to broken shape files. PSEA had a same problem. I needed a tool to convert JPGIS GML to right GeoJSON for my project.