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jp2p (JSON pointer to position)

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A utility method to get the line & column to which a JSON pointer points in a given JSON string.

More information about JSON pointers in the RFC6901;

How to use

The module only contains one method, use it like this:

var jp2p = require('jp2p');
var jsonString = '{\n  "toto": "tata"\n}';
console.log(jp2p.getLineNumber(jsonString, '/toto'));

In this case it will output { line: 2, column: 10 }. The line in the jsonString at which the element at JSON pointer /toto is defined.


You think it lacks a feature ? Spot a bug ? Unsufficient documentation ? Any contribution is welcome, below are a few contribution guidelines but first get a look at these general guidelines:

  1. Git
  2. Fork the plugin repository.
  3. Hack on a separate topic branch created from the latest master.
  4. Commit and push the topic branch.
  5. Make a pull request.
  6. Tests
  7. You can run tests with npm test
  8. All tests should pass on any pull request
  9. Please add a test for non-regression on your dev
  10. Other
  11. Code should pass linting rules in .jscsrc& .jshint.
  12. Let me know by mail before contributing (don't want to waste your time on something already being done)
  13. You don't know how or don't have the time to contribute ? Don't hesitate to share your ideas in issues

Thank you for helping out!