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JavaScript Object Validation Interception Augmentation Library.

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A light weight, easily extensible validation mechanism for JavaScript objects that supports both batch and real-time per property validation.

You can see an intro to JOVIAL at

Here is an example Validator:

new Validator({name: {type: 'string', length: 25, required: true}, 
                  age: {type: 'number', min:0, max: 110},
                  gender: {in: ['male','female']},
                  ssn: {type: 'SSN'},
                  location: {type: 'latlon'}})

Also supported are RegExp matching, soundex testing, range testing, developer supplied functions.


npm install jovial

The index.js and package.json files are compatible with so that jovial can be served directly to the browser from the node-modules/jovial directory when using node Express.

Browser code can also be found in the browser directory at


See the GitHub Wiki:

Building & Testing

Building & testing is conducted using Travis, Mocha, Chai, and Istanbul.


Due to an unavoidable shortcoming in chrome-proxy, the unit test for testing the prevention of deleting required properties fails. All tests should pass in Edge and Firefox.

Updates (reverse chronological order)

2016-05-28 v0.0.27 Added second argument to constructor to have validate call limit properties to those in the validate schema if set to true. Like most methods, modified code to ensure .validate method is not enumerable.

2016-04-28 v0.0.26 Eliminated chrome-proxy since NodeJS v6.0 supports Proxy now. Also fixed errors uncovered as a result where set handlers were not returning true in Proxy.

2016-03-03-14 v0.0.25 internals complexity reduction and README update, no functional changes

2016-03-03-04 v0.0.24 credit card validation modified from RegExp to Luhn algorithm, ability to enhance types using functions added.

2016-02-04 v0.0.23 ISBN, credit card (CC), IP address (IP). Moved most documentatin to GitHUb wiki ( so it will be easier to upgrade without pushing new NPM packages.

2016-01-28 v0.0.22 Added default values and write once support. Fixed bug with dot notation in subtypes (they did not work). Added the unit test!

2016-01-27 v0.0.21 Added email validation and made type checking extensible.

2016-01-23 v0.0.20 Attempting to fix Markdown issues on that do not manifest on GitHub. No code changes. Sure wish there was a way to push a new README to without a version increment!

2016-01-23 v0.0.19 Corrected length check on Set when value is actually unknown. Clarified the meaning of unknown in the documentation.

2016-01-23 v0.0.18 Modified type checking to ignore unknown values.

2016-01-23 v0.0.17 Addressed issue where Proxy sometimes did not get loaded and lifted to global scope by Browserify.

2016-01-23 v0.0.16 Cleaned-up Proxy bundling for Chrome. Corrected documentation regarding structure of ValidationError. Add non-null test for length validation.

2016-01-22 v0.0.15 Added .echoes, .satisfies and .validate and latlon type. Corrected bug where .type did not work as documented with functions. Added more unit tests. Updated documentation.

2016-01-21 v0.0.14 Updated dependency on chrome-proxy to > 0.0.8.

2016-01-21 v0.0.13 Reworked module closure wrapper so it would work regardless of whether browserify is used.

2016-01-18 v0.0.12 Corrected issue where underlying values did not get set after validation. Added more unit tests. Added .length, .in, .transform. Added support for property delete and define.

2016-01-13 v0.0.11 Added browserified and minified version.

2015-12-13 v0.0.10 Corrected README format

2015-12-13 v0.0.9 Added more unit tests and documentation

2015-12-13 v0.0.8 Added unit tests and missing error handlers for min, max, matches

2015-12-12 v0.0.7 Codacy driven improvements

2015-11-29 v0.0.6 Original public commit


This software is provided as-is under the MIT license.

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