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Universal "JSON Web Almost Everything" - JWA, JWS, JWE, JWT, JWK with no dependencies using native crypto runtimes

Implemented specs & features

The following specifications are implemented by jose

The test suite utilizes examples defined in RFC7520 to confirm its JOSE implementation is correct.


If you or your business use jose, please consider becoming a sponsor so I can continue maintaining it and adding new features carefree.


Supported Runtimes, Environments, Platforms


Supported Versions

Version Security Fixes 🔑 Other Bug Fixes 🐞 New Features
2.x.x until 2022-04-30

What is new in v3.x?

  • Revised API
  • No dependencies
  • Browser, Cloudflare Workers, and Deno support (using Web Cryptography API)
  • Promise-based API

v2.x docs?



Yes. All module's public API is subject to Semantic Versioning 2.0.0.

How is it different from jws, jwa or jsonwebtoken?

  • it supports the browser, Cloudflare Workers, and Deno runtimes
  • it supports encrypted JWTs (i.e. in JWE format)
  • supports secp256k1, Ed25519, Ed448, X25519, and X448
  • it supports JWK Key Format for all four key types (oct, RSA, EC and OKP)
  • it is exclusively using native platform Key object representations (CryptoKey and KeyObject)
  • there is JSON Web Encryption support
  • it supports the flattened JWS / JWE Serialization Syntaxes
  • it supports the "crit" member validations to make sure extensions are handled correctly

How is it different from node-jose?

node-jose is built to work in any javascript runtime, to be able to do that it packs a lot of polyfills and javascript implementation code in the form of node-forge, this significantly increases the footprint of the modules with dependencies that either aren't ever used or have native implementation available in the runtime already, those are often times faster and more reliable.

  • it has smaller module footprint as it does not bundle unnecessary polyfills
  • it does not bundle node-forge fallbacks when crypto runtime is unavailable
  • supports secp256k1, Ed25519, Ed448, X25519, and X448


  • Whenever Uint8Array is a valid input, so is Buffer since buffers are instances of Uint8Array.
  • Whenever Uint8Array is returned and you want a Buffer instead, use Buffer.from(uint8array).

Bundle Size, Package Size, Tree Shaking

Yes the bundle size is on the larger side, that is because each module is actually published multiple times so that it can remain truly without dependencies and be universal / isomorphic.

Nevertheless, since each module can be required independently and is fully tree-shakeable, the install size should not be a cause for concern.

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