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    Welcome to jOOPL Analyzer !


    First of all, thank you for your interest on jOOPL and this analyzer tool.

    If you're not familiar with jOOPL, jOOPL stands for "JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming Library" and jOOPL Analyzer is a very powerful tool which analyzes your existing jOOPL-based JavaScript code and generates a file called "moduleinfo.js".

    That "moduleinfo.js" file will contain some kind of metadata that will let jOOPL load the required source files to the Web browser to work with some given class or a group of classes.

    Follow this link to learn more and get great documentation about both jOOPL and jOOPL Analyzer

    Basic usage how-to

    jOOPL analyzer should be installed globally using npm:

    npm -g install joopl-analyzer

    Once it's installed, it can be executed globally in your shell environment.

    joopl-analyzer command will analyze your JavaScript code starting from a base directory. If no base directory is provided, the analyzer will start from current directory in your shell session.

    A concrete base directory will be provided calling the command this way:

    joopl-analyzer --directory ./src
    joopl-analyzer --directory c:\myproject

    Final words

    Again, thank you for your interest. Feedback will be appreciated. Please send it to:

    And issues should be added in the GitHub repository:

    About the author

    jOOPL and jOOPL Analyzer is a project developed by Matías Fidemraizer. You may contact me either in GitHub or LinkedIn:



    Bugfix: When includes were obtained from a HTTP location, if the whole include is a download size is higher than NodeJS http.get chunk size, it started to download included contents in chunks. This case wasn't covered in code. Now this is fixed!


    Bugfix: When detecting dependencies of instances created within a class member, in some cases, some of them weren't detected (deep inheritance).


    Bugfix: When detecting if instances coming from a derived class had some dependency yet to be added, if there were no dependencies, analyzer was throwing errors.


    Bugfix: Problems when detecting instances class members in class hierarchies.


    - Include support. Now analyzer supports including other moduleinfo.js from other analysis. This enables different frameworks to reference and automatically include third-party dependencies! Documentation will be updated soon to reflect this new feature.


    #### Features - Now all parameters must be passed to the command-line using CLI arguments and "joopl-analyzer.json" configuration file gets absolutely deprectated.


    #### Bugfixes: - In some cases, new instances weren't detected. It was an error executing some regular expression. Now this has been fixed.


    #### Bugfixes: - Previous version introduced a bug: classes deriving built-in jOOPL classes produced an error during detection.


    #### Bugfixes: - Dependencies in few cases weren't detected in the right order in very few cases.


    #### Bugfixes: - Dependencies from more than a class hierarchy level were not detected. - New class instances from non-imported namespaces were parsed and this situation caused output errors. Now these are not parsed anymore as expected.


    First public release.


    npm i joopl-analyzer

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