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Part of the framework, the open-source data visualization framework.

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Overview is a distributed data processing and visualization framework. The framework is designed as an end-to-end solution for data analytics. The framework connects to your databases and using a JSON based mapping of dimensions and metrics, it exposes a RESTful API for querying the data. The Client SDK communicates with the engine to display, visualize and provide insight into the data. Developers can extend the framework in many ways, add data connectors, authentication plugins, visualizations and more.

To learn more about the framework architecture, see our documentation site.

The Analytics Website is a full implementation of an HTML5 analytics site consuming data from The site uses to communicate with the engine and draw SVG visualizations, tables, metrics boxes and more.

Forking this repository is a quick way to start your own analytics website, tailored to your needs.


$ npm install


$ npm start
# point your browser to http://localhost:40002

Bug Reports

We use JIRA as our issue tracker and project management tool.

When submitting bug reports, please make sure you provide as much information as possible, including steps to reproduce. Each code commit relating to the ticket, will be marked, including builds and tests, so you'll have full transparency as to the status of your issue.


We would love to get your help! We have outlined a simple Contribution Policy to support a transparent and easy merging of ideas, code, bug fixes and features.

If you're looking for a place to start, you can always go over the list of open issues, pick one and get started. If you're feeling lost or unsure, just let us know.


Contacting us is easy, ping us on one of these:


Copyright (c) 2012-2013 Joola Smart Solutions. GPLv3 Licensed, see LICENSE for details.

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