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    Jolocom Software Development Kit - Facilitating applications to manage and interact with digital identities.

    Interested in our vision? Take a look at our whitepaper


    • Set-up requires Node.js to be installed on your computer.
      • Node.js v10 is required to build the project.
    • We use Yarn as our package manager.


    In another project

    1. use npm i jolocom-sdk or yarn add jolocom-sdk
    2. import { JolocomSDK } from 'jolocom-sdk'

    An instance of an agent can be instantiated with crypto material in a variety of ways:

    • JolocomSDK.fromMnemonic BIP39 12 word seed phrase
    • JolocomSDK.fromStore Connection to a database with seed material
    • JolocomSDK.newDIDFromSeedBuffer of arbitrary seed entropy

    NOTE: using the arbitrary input buffer registers a new identity on the Jolocom DID Method

    Running a debug version for development

    1. Clone the sdk repository to your computer.
    2. cd into the directory and run yarn or yarn install from your terminal to install the required packages.

    To run a repl, use yarn repl.


    We use Jest for unit tests, and detox + Jest for end-to-end tests.

    To run unit tests, with watch and testing coverage display enabled:

    yarn test --watch --coverage

    Code Style and Formatting

    • We use ESLint and Prettier to keep a consistent style across the codebase.
      • There are plugins available for a range of IDEs and text editors; automatic formatting on save is also supported in some editors.
    • yarn format will format files automatically as much as possible.

    Copyright (C) 2014-2020 JOLOCOM GmbH




    npm i jolocom-sdk

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