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Writes structured log messages to S3 (if credentials are provided) or to standard out.

var jolira = require('jolira-logger'),
    logger = jolira({
        "measure-interval": 10000,
    });"anything will be logged", [ { a: true }, "hello world" ], "blahh!");
    logger.warning("warnings are available");
    logger.warn("warns as well");
    logger.err("errs creates messages with level 'error'");
    logger.error("error creates message with level 'error' as well");
    logger.debug("debug statement are supported");
    logger.notice("notices are always nice");
    logger.severe("severe conditions may happen");
    logger.emergency("emergencies as well");
    logger.critical("critical log entries, as all other, also take an arbitrary number of parameters",
        [ { a: true }, "hello world" ], "blahh!");

    logger("my-level", "one can also define new log level,", "such a 'my-level' in this example");

Supported options are (all of them are optional):

  • aws-account-id: The id of the amazon account to be used.
  • aws-access-key-id: The amazon access key id.
  • aws-secret-access-key: The amazon access key id.
  • aws-region: The amazon region to be used. Acceptable values are 'us-east-1', 'us-west-1', 'us-west-2', 'eu-west-1', 'ap-southeast-1', 'ap-northeast-1', 'sa-east-1', and 'us-gov-west-1'.
  • aws-bucket: The name of the bucket to be used.
  • hostname: Can be used to specify a hostname. If omitted, os.hostname() will be used.
  • measure-interval: Specifies if and how often information about the OS and the node process should be logged. If omitted this information will not be logged. Specify an interval time in milliseconds.
  • application-name: The application name to be used. If omitted, ugly file-names may be created.