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    join-array joins the elements of an array into a [String] value, and returns that value. In addition you can specify:

    • the regular separator, that separates the subsequent items' values
    • the last separator, that separates the last and the last but one item's value
    • the maximal number of items to join. If the array contains more items that expected, it ommits the middle ones, joins the last one to the [String] chain and returns this incomplete chain.
    • the message that replaces the missing items in the [String] chain.
    • how each item's value should be displayed in the chain

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    npm install join-array


    Load the join-array.min.js file from the dist folder into your .html file.
    The module is accessible as joinArray in the window scope.
    It is a babel converted and webpack bundled [ES5] module version.

    <script src="join-array.min.js"></script>
      var list = joinArray({
        array: ['Jasmine', 'Adam', 'Amanda', 'Nicky'],
        separator: ''


    const join = require('join-array');
    const names = ['Rachel','Taylor','Julia','Robert','Jasmine','Lily','Madison'];
    const config = {
      array: names,
      separator: '',
      last: ' and ',
      max: 4,
      maxMessage:(missed)=>`(${missed} more...)`,
    const list = join(config); //Rachel, Taylor, Julia, (3 more...) and Madison
    const join = require('join-array');
    const cars = ['BMW','Tesla','Audi','Honda','Aston Martin','Cadillac','Citroen'];
    const list = join(cars, " | ", " | ", 3, "[...]"); //BMW | Tesla | [...] | Citroen


    • join(array:Array, separator:String|null, last:String|null, max:Number|null, maxMessage:Function|String|null, each:Function|null)
    • join(config:Object) where config contains the following properties: array:Array, separator:String|null, last:String|null, max:Number|null, maxMessage:Function|String|null, each:Function|null.

    When the null is passed as the argument, the default value is used for this parameter. When the [Object] config property is omitted (if optional) or set to null, the default value is used for this property.

    The TypeError is thrown when any argument type or config property type is invalid.
    Follow the TypeError.message instructions to configure the module.

    array [Array]

    Description: Indicates the [Array] object, which items are joined into the [String] value.

    separator [String|null] (optional)

    Default: ", "
    Description: It separates all but the last one subsequent items of the array.

    last [String|null] (optional)

    Default: " and "
    Description: It separates the last and the last but one item of the array.

    max [Number|null] (optional)

    Default: Infinity
    Description: If defined, it limits the number of array items to be joined; eg. if the max equals 10 and the array contains 100 items, the first 9 items and the 100th one are joined.

    maxMessage [Function|String|null] (optional)

    Default: (missed)=>`(${missed} more...)`
    Description: If the number of array items is bigger than the max value, the missed items are replaced by the maxMessage value.

    • When [String], it is directly appended into the [String] chain before the last item.
    • When [Function], it expects the [String] value to be returned. The missed argument passed through this function equals the number of missed items and can be used in the returned [String] message.
    each [Function|null] (optional)

    Default: null
    Description: If the each is defined, the module loops through each array item and calls the [Function] each with the following parameters: each(item, iter, array). Use each function to modify the value. The returned value will be used in the chain.

    const join = require('join-array');
    const ids = [1,2,3,4,5];
    const config = {
      array: ids,
      each:(value)=>`"id. ${value}"`
    const list = join(config); //"id. 1", "id. 2", "id. 3", "id. 4" and "id. 5"


    npm i join-array

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