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Apache Cordova Carrier Plugin

This is a simple Apache Cordova plugin from my Apache Cordova 4 Programming book. It's used as an example of how to build a native plugin that retrieves wireless carrier information using the target device's networking APIs. The plugin supports Android and iOS today.


To add the plugin to one of your Cordova projects, open a terminal window, navigate to the Cordova project folder, and execute the following command:

cordova plugin add johnwargo-cordova-plugin-carrier


The plugin exposes two methods:

  • getCarrierName - Asynchronous method that retrieves the current carrier for the device running the application.
  • getCountryCode - Asynchronous method that retrieves the country code for the device running the application.

To retrieve the carrier name from the device, execute the following method:

carrier.getCountryCode(onSuccess, onError);

To retrieve the country code for the device, execute the following method:

carrier.getCarrierName(onSuccess, onError);

In either case, the onSuccess and onError parameters passed to the method are callback functions that process the results.

The success callback receives a text string representing the results obtained by the plugin:

function onSuccess(res) {
    var msg = "Result: " + JSON.stringify(res);
    navigator.notification.alert(msg, null, "Carrier Information", "Continue");

The error callback receives an error object that contains error code (code) and error message (msg) properties.

function onError(err) {
    var msg = `Error: ${err.code} - ${err.msg}`;
    navigator.notification.alert(msg, null, "Carrier Error", "Oops");

That's it, it's pretty simple. That's by intent; I didn't write this plugin to do anything useful, I wrote it to demonstrate how to write plugins.

If you find this code useful, and feel like thanking me for providing it, please consider making a purchase from my Amazon Wish List. You can find information on many different topics on my personal blog. Learn about all of my publications at John Wargo Books.


npm i johnwargo-cordova-plugin-carrier

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