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Job Queueing done easy


  • Receiver
  • Pusher
  • Queue
  • Storage
  • Job
  • JobBoard
  • CLI Interface

Listens for job requests. Pushes them into the Queue and Storage. Receivers must register their Pusher before requests will be processed. Requests that don't have a corresponding receiver will be ignored.

Pulls requests off the Queue and pushes them to their processors. Only deletes a request from the Queue after callback calls done().

Add and remove request, can be reset from Storage given a timestamp.

Permanent storage of requests and jobs. Requests indexed by time_created. Deleted after a month.

Manages a job lifecycle. Registers a Receiver and a Pusher to a Queue. Handles errors for Receiver, Pusher, and Queue.

list of available Jobs, keyed by domain. Allows for run-time configuration changes to job processing.

List, Create, Update and Delete running Jobs via the JobBoard