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A suite of build tools for providing dev ENV to JIKE, which is a formula = JK-* + IMPL + ENV. There is a list that explains what the factors stand for:

  • JK-* - Basic, common and independent libraries/components, you would find them via filter jk-.

  • IMPL - An implentation of a special BLL requirement. Generally, the name prefix of IMPL projects is jike-.

  • ENV - Nowadays, frondend projects must use build-structure to compile source files. But Webpack is suck, our code should be esay to run. Highly customizable build system will take days and days when initializing a project. So we need a unified and config-less build suite in dev environment.


$ npm i --save-dev jk-build-suite

CLI Usage

# Start a dev server, via Webpack Dev Server 
$ jkbs start --config webpack.config.js
# Build source for production, via Webpack 
$ NODE_ENV=production jkbs build --config webpack.config.js
# Upload static files to CDN, via Gulp 
$ jkbs deploy 'dist/static/**' --output build-suite

Configuration Template

import {
} from 'jk-build-suite'
const buildSuiteConfig = {
  DIST_DIR: 'dist'
const baseConfig = createWebpackConfig(
const instanceConfig = {
  entry: {
    app: 'src/main'
module.exports = mergeWebpackConfig(

The template is pithy, see the test/config directory for more complicated configurations.

Supported Languages

  • Template: HTML, EJS, Pug
  • Style: CSS, Stylus
  • Script: JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue