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Do you hate trying to set up a database? Do you often reach for flat files? Well with all new jitsudb and a Nodejitsu account, it's now as easy as require("jitsudb")!

  • Automatically requisitions the database if it doesn't exist!
  • Only needs 3 arguments: The type, the name and a callback!
  • Reads nodejitsu data from ~/.jitsuconf!
  • Database types: couch, redis or mongo !
  • Extra support for: cradle, node_redis and mongoose!

Example: Grab a couch!

require("jitsudb")("couch", "myCouch", function (url) {
    //url is a couch url!
    require("request")(url, function (err, resp, body) {
        // . . .

Example: Let's use mongoose instead!

require("jitsudb")("mongoose", "myMongo", function (mongoose) {
    // mongoose is connected and ready to roll!
    var SweetModel = mongoose.model("sweetModel");


require("jitsudb")(type, name, cb);

type may be "couch", "redis", "mongo", "cradle", "node_redis" or "mongoose."

name is a name for your database. It's used by Nodejitsu to keep track of all your databases.

cb is dependent on type. "couch", "redis" and "mongo" return the database url. "cradle" returns a cradle connection object, while "node_redis" and "mongoose" return connected redis and mongoose objects, respectively.


There are no tests written at the moment. This is because the tests would be specific to a given nodejitsu account. It'd be awkward. Really.


Yes please! I accept pull requests and issues!