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This library allows you to easily create your own custom Jitsi client, in the Svelte framework.

Jitsi is a free, open-source, web-based video conferencing app that has a handy library called lib-jitsi-meet. However, there are quite a few intricacies to getting it working well, and if you're writing a Svelte3-based app, there is some additional complexity in getting all of the events to work together.

jitsi-svelte simplifies all of this and provides the svelte stores you need to build a web-based video conferencing app. It also provides Svelte components for Audio, and Video, among others. We use it at Relm to power our social virtual world.

Simplified Cam/Mic Setup

We were inspired by Whereby's intro screen and created what we call the "Mirror" component that mimics their UX & design. This Mirror can reduce the code you need to write to give a robust setup screen experience for your users.

Getting Started

See the example/ folder for a sample app that uses jitsi-svelte.

In general, you need to create a ConnectionStore via createConnectionStore and supply a JitsiConfigStore as the parameter; then, join a conference (at this point, the user will see others who've already entered the room), and use a Mirror component to let the user configure their mic and camera before entering the room.

import { createConnectionStore, defaultConfigStore, Mirror } from 'jitsi-svelte'
import Conference from './Conference'
const connection = createConnectionStore(defaultConfigStore)
// NEXT: use Mirror svelte component (see SampleApp.svelte)



What is Relm?

Relm is a social universe--a kinder, gentler online community. It's an experiment in mixing a game world with work meetings. Come visit sometime!



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