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Torrent storage component of Jishaku Toshokan

Jishaku Torrent Storage

Everyone needs somewhere to put their loot!

This application allows users to upload and download torrent files, nothing less and nothing more. There's a little bit of validation and sanity checking on the input data, but that's all. There's no way to list, browse or search.

  1. A running seaport server.
  2. A MongoDB database
$ npm install jishaku-torrent-storage -g


$ git clone git://
$ jishaku-torrent-storage [--config:option=value ...] [config_file_to_load.json ...]
  • seaport (object)
    • host (string) host or ip of seaport server
    • port (number) port of seaport server
  • mongo (object)
    • host (string) host and port of mongodb server
    • db (string) database name for mongodb
  • winston (object)
    • console (object/null) if null, don't log to console
      • colorize (boolean) show colourful logs
      • timestamp (boolean) show timestamp in logs
    • loggly (object/null) if null, don't log to loggly
      • all config options found here

3-clause BSD. A copy is included with the source.