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A task to load a url and calculate average load times via PhantomJS.

Getting Started

Install this plugin with: npm install jiro

Then add this line to your project's grunt.js file:



Specify a jiro section in your gruntfile. This will allow configurations for overriding options in the specified build scripts.


url string

Specify a path for PhantomJS to load. This should be a fully qualified url.

iterations integer

Specify number of times url should be loaded.

resource string

Optional - Fully qualified url of a resource the target url is loading.

Sample config

A basic configuration:

jiro: {
	url: 'http://localhost/static/login.html',
	iterations: 100

A configuration specifying a point in time we care about:

jiro: {
	url: 'http://localhost/static/login.html',
	iterations: 100,
	resource: 'http://localhost/static/app.js'